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sms-notify project

This project started when I read a newspaper article which mentioned that one way to send SMS messages was through the ICQ network. I went to the website and sure enough, recent ICQ software permits sending SMS to various providers. There are agreements in place covering Tel$tra, Optus and Vodafone here in Australia ... I knew that I could not rest until I had automated sending SMS from my server.

Thankfully I did not have to work too hard to achieve that. Some net dudes already wrote a Perl module for the ICQ2000 protocol and somebody else wrote an SMS sender. I merely fixed it up so it worked right for me, and packaged it with some of my own code which lets my server SMS me each time a new email is received, and once a day with my calendar entries.

Daily Calendar events sent by SMS

This neat little perl app I wrote parses a VCalendar or ICS type file (used by GNOME Calendar in the Debian gnome-pim package, or Ximian Evolution). It figures out what are today's calendar entries (checking recurring appointments etc) and then strips them down to their bare essentials so it can send a full day's appointments in one 160-character SMS message.

P.S. I am now using Ximian Evolution as my calendar application. Evolution has a lot more functions and works a lot better than GNOME Calendar. My calendar application can parse Evolution's calendar file starting from version 0.2.


sms-notify-0.1.tar.gz (13k)
This is the guts of the sender, with some perl scripts to massage an email message down to the bare minimum (From and Subject, and as much of the message body as will fit within 160 characters).
calendar-0.2.tar.gz (5.5k)
Have your GNOME Calendar or Ximian Evolution schedules SMSed to your mobile phone every day!


Added the Evolution ICS calendar / tasklist format. Improved parsing of recurring rules in Evolution. Now it doesn't tell me about every single recurring rule every day, just the ones which recur on the day.

Older versions