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I've written a lot of code since 1980, in a lot of different languages. Much of it was written very specifically to solve some problem I was facing at the time. Since the year 2000 I've been deliberately releasing some code I write into the Public Domain or open-sourcing it under the GNU Public License (GPL). I hope that this will help some people and maybe somebody will improve it and release their improvements as I have released the original work.

Here's the list of what is online at present. There's a lot more in my archives which I will put online as time permits and needs require.

  • mp3cd-tools A program which does the efficient packing of MP3 directories onto CD-R media.
  • fakepop A program to simulate a POP3 mail server while the real mail server is unavailable.
  • aunic-modify A system to allow for bulk retrieval of AUNIC domain access keys and bulk modification of AUNIC domain records
  • ausadmin Software and Website to manage the aus.* USENET newsgroup hierarchy
  • sms-notify Perl scripts to send free SMS through ICQ
  • apt-cacher A CGI script to implement a local package cache for Debian online update
  • video-capture A frame-grabber for Linux using the Video4Linux API
  • wav-fixer A script to correct length information in a WAV file
  • pgp/nick.asc It's my PGP public key
  • Misc Projects A quick hack or two, over the years
  • All my recovered TRS-80 programs from around 1981 to 1990. In late 2000 I spent a lot of time extracting the contents of all my TRS-80 diskettes (approx. 200 of them) and I wrote several programs to convert, extract and compare these files. In mid-2002 I started going through the results disk by disk in order to piece together different versions of my source code and arrange them in packages. Now the packages are all online for your enjoyment.