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Nick Andrew - TRS-80 - Operating Systems

TRS-80 Operating Systems

This package contains all my attempts at writing a better operating system for the TRS-80, as well as some programs which have a distinctive OS flavour.

This directory contains my attempt to make a tree-structured filesystem on top of the Newdos-80 filesystem. I quite possibly succeeded in this effort. The utilities included are "cat", "cp", "filemake", "ls" and "mkdir". The filesystem metadata was stored in a file called "FILESYS/TEM" and the files themselves were named "fil00000/fil" through "fil99999/fil".

I think one area in which this filesystem fell short of the ideal was that the filesystem code was assembled with each utility rather than staying resident in high memory.

This code looks like it was intended to be a real unixlike filesystem but there isn't enough code to actually do anything (it's mostly declarations). Only the cache part has been written.
There's a patch in this directory which apparently "extends the range of DOS commands" and it assumes sysload to be in memory and running. There's another program which creates a command "*ERASE" to clear all memory to HIMEM. There's also "res", which is like sysload, and there's also "sys80" which is like sysload but it uses my 80 Kbyte hardware modification. There's "sysres", which is another variation on the same theme. And finally "trace", a background display of the Program Counter run from the clock interrupt timer.
This is "nix", or "Nick's Operating System". Pity there isn't enough code for it to actually do anything.
"romplus" looks like the start of a replacement ROM for the System-80. I never used it. It doesn't appear to be my patched Micro$oft ROM either.
In July 1984 I was so enamoured of Unix that I thought I should write a Unix-like OS for the TRS-80. It was beyond my capabilities, but I didn't find that out until I had written a few hundred lines of assembler code.

This code doesn't do anything - or maybe it shows a couple of processes competing for resources. There's actually quite a substantial amount of code there.

This looks like another attempt at a Unix-like filesystem for Newdos-80. Except in this case, the container is called 'ZNIX/SYS'.