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Nick Andrew - TRS-80 - Include files

TRS-80 Include (ASM) files

This directory contains various ASM files which I used in many source packages, to define common constants or provide useful functions. In some cases I had several different versions of each file, and I have tried to combine them to produce a "latest and greatest" of each.

The source files are:

ASCII character abbreviations (CR, LF, etc)
A function usable by a C program to convert the current date/time into the format 'dd mmm yy hh:mm:ss'.
This is the "Small C arithmetic and logical library". I didn't write it, but I probably made some changes to it. It seems essential to get some of my programs going, so it is included here.
A function and a macro to assist in debugging the Small C compiler output. Apart from porting the J.E. Hendrix Small C compiler to TRS-80, I modified it to improve its handling for some data types. Debug would print the function name to the screen and then delay a bit to give me time to read the name.
Very similar to debug.asm, with a much smaller delay.
This file gave symbolic names to the constant addresses used by DOS to open and close files, etc. as well as commonly occurring error codes and some differences between Model 1 and Model 3.
This was a definition of how my system used high memory locations in the region 0xFE00 through 0xFFFF. A lot of this is specific to the Zeta BBS (see trs80-zeta-bbs package) but it also might be used by the programs which manipulated my 256 Kbyte paged memory subsystem.
Some functions for manipulating filenames.
fread() function callable from C.
ftell() function callable from C.
Functions for getting the year/month/day/hour/minute/second callable from C.
Standard I-O library for Small C. In addition to defining some symbolic constants, the following C functions were implemented: fileno(), putchar(), fputc(), getc(), fgets(), fread(), fgetc(), fputs(), exit(), strcpy(), fclose(), fopen(), feof(), fflush(), fseek(), rewind(), brk() and FIX_PROG_END. The following were added as do-nothing functions: sprintf(), fprintf(), printf(). I seem to recall that Small C used the "wrong" function calling conventions and so use of varying numbers of arguments in functions was impossible.
Defines some list manipulation functions.
Implements malloc(), callable from C.
Some constants to identify individual programs. I'm not sure why this was needed.
Implements raw() and cooked(), callable from C.
Reads a line of text from the keyboard, callable from C.
Saves and restores current file position, callable from C. I don't know why I didn't implement fseek/ftell ... perhaps because the Small C compiler did not implement the "long" data type.
Similar to savepos.asm, but enough differences that I thought it better to release both files.
unlink(), callable from C.