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Nick Andrew - TRS-80 - Games

TRS-80 Games

Text-based adventures and graphical shoot-the-aliens type games were the dominant games available for the TRS-80. I tried writing one of each, with partial success, and two other game-type programs based on personal interests.

This was my space-based shoot-the-aliens game. It is notable because each alien was implemented as a little CPU with its own set of instructions to execute. These aliens ran their programs rather slowly, but the overall speed was not bad. Now if only I had coded logic to make them dodge bullets!
This text-based adventure used a data file which was assembled into the rest of the game. The data file could be replaced with different maps, but I only ever wrote the one.
This Pascal program attempts to find whether it is better to be player 1 or player 2 at a card game called thirty-one. I don't remember the rules of the game.
This Pascal program generates random 4x4 letter substitution puzzles. I guess I wrote it cause those puzzles are fun to solve in my head without recourse to paper or pencil.