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Nick Andrew - TRS-80 - File Utilities

TRS-80 File Utilities

This package contains some mostly trivial programs for text files.

This program converts TRS-80 text files (lines ending in CR) to CPM or MSDOS format. It adds a LF after every CR and adds 0x1A at eof. The output goes to STDOUT, and this program looks like it runs under the zeta-bbs environment. There's also a C language version.
This program looks for single-character differences in two files and reports only the differences bracketed by { }.
This program splits a file into 20-kbyte chunks, presumably to make restart easier if file transfer fails.
This program is a file archiver. Text or binary files can be added to the archive or extracted, and the contents of the archive can be listed. The stored files are not limited to the 8.3 format. The archive uses two files, "archive/DAT" for data and "archive/DIR" for the directory. The archive format is not compressed.

I wrote this program because I had seen "ARC" for DOS and CP/M and I wanted to be able to group related files for archiving or bulk transfer. I did not include compression in the storage format because I believed that tools should be single-purpose: a compressor for compressing files and an archiver for storage and retrieval.

This program is here in both assembler and C. I wrote the C program for Unix/Minix. Just as an aside, when I was recovering all my TRS-80 code, I had to extract a lot of files from these archives, so I wrote a Perl extractor and a Perl lister. It was a lot quicker to write in Perl. Someday I will add the Perl code to this directory.

This is one of very few programs which actually comes with documentation. I wanted everybody to use this program. Even if it did cost them $5.

This program converts a text file from CP/M (or DOS) line ending conventions (CR LF) to TRS-80 format.
This program changes the LF line ending convention in a Unix text file to CRs.
This program produces a hex dump of a file direct to printer.
This program converts a text file of any format (Unix or TRS-80 or CP/M) to CR LF line terminators.
This C program converts multiple spaces in an input file to TABs. Unfortunately it doesn't understand the length of TABs in its input!
This program converts a text file to the Unix line ending convention.